rose among the thorns

I am in no position to judge, but what kind of message are you sending when you have religious texts in between lewd pictures of yourself?

Sure, posting religious texts doesn’t make you any less holier, and likewise.

I mean, why do people post religious texts in the first place? To remind others, to remind themselves. And some, unfortunately, to be seen as holy. (I blame the crowd though; these people won’t be here if it weren’t for the “support”.)

If you plan to use religious texts as a method to change, I applaud your efforts to turn over a new leaf, but do walk the talk. Be consistent. Don’t be Jekyll and Hyde.

I don’t expect you to be a saint the moment you post those religious texts -changing your life around is not as easy as posting something on Facebook – but at least respect the texts.

You don’t have to stop swearing (it would be great if you can though) if you are just going to swear few days later. Just slowly remove it from your public vocabulary.

You don’t have to cover up, from head to toe, tomorrow (it would be great if you can though) if you are going to post your beach photos few days later. Just dress decently.

It’s all about respecting the holiness of the religious texts.

And I do hope I did not just discouraged someone from turning over a new leaf…

Four Things

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned four things (in real-life public policy, at least):

1. Young people are progressive

2. Young people are practical and objective

3. Young people are not that equipped with general knowledge and experience

  • They talk like they know more than they really know?

4. Young people are one-dimensional


Problem: Ballooning federal deficit

Solution: Remove subsidies (or fuel subsidies, at least) [Progressive? Maybe, maybe not so.]

Why yes: easiest to implement; besides, subsidies are becoming a drug. We have to stop eventually. [Practical and objective?]

Why not: The vast socio-economic/urban-rural infrastructure gap.

Urban areas can survive the hike in petrol prices, from RM1.90 to RM3.00.

Sell your car, use the public transportation. Heck, you might even save more than before (which, unfortunately, might be wiped out by the increase in the price of basic goods).

However, in the rural Sabah, for instance. There are no rapid transits or buses. In fact, everything runs on diesel. Can you imagine the outcome for them? Uncontrolled inflation, reduced standards of living…


It’s easy to come out with policies if you only have your own world to care for.

There are actually people out there.

Don’t stop yourself from contributing with your ideas; just back em up with the right knowledge and experience. Not everything runs on logic and reasoning.

(Who to blame?)

Bangkitlah Melayu

Melayu oh Melayu

Bangkitlah Melayu

Daripada tidurmu

Daripada lenamu

Daripada katilmu yang empuk

Bangkitlah Melayu

Sudah banyak kerajaan berkorban untukmu

Namun Melayu masih lesu

Bukan undimu yang kupinta

(walaupun lebih baik jikalau kau bersama parti Melayu)

Bukan duitmu yang kupinta

Bukan hartamu yang kupinta

Apa yang kupinta hanyalah untuk kamu bangkit

Oh Melayu

Sudah banyak yang kerajaan lakukan untukmu

Perkara-perkara hanya untuk anak Melayu

Kaum lain ditepikan, ditindih

Biarpun kehilangan pengundi

Hanya untuk melihat anak Melayu gah di Nusantara

Pabila mahu sistem tol diubah seperti negara maju

Kerajaan menolak

Kerana ia tahu anak-anak Melayu akan kehilangan kerja

Pabila mahu sistem meritokrasi digunapakai sepenuhnya dalam pendidikan

Kerajaan menolak

Kerana ia tahu anak-anak Melayu akan ketinggalan

Standard pendidikan diturunkan

Peperiksaan sekolah


Standard yang lebih rendah daripada bangsa lain

Kerana ia tahu anak-anak Melayu akan ketinggalan jikalau ianya sama

Walaupun dalam jangka masa panjang akan merosakkan negara

Namun kerajaan terlalu sayangkan orang Melayu

Biasiswa ke luar negara ditawarkan

Anak-anak Cina diketepikan

Biarpun dengan keputusan yang jauh lebih baik

Kerana ia tahu anak-anak Melayu tidak mempunyai peluang untuk ke luar negara

Untunglah si Abu, si anak Melayu

Dapat ke luar negara, walaupun bahasa Inggeris entah kemana

Beribu-ribu jawatan yang tidak perlu di dalam kerajaan dicipta

Hanya untuk anak Melayu kita

Yang tidak berupaya untuk mencari kerja di luar sana

Biarpun ianya hanya menggemukkan institusi kerajaan

Tidak efektif, lemah, tidak perlu

Namun kerajaan sanggup mengenepikan semuanya itu

Hanya untuk anak Melayu

Banyak lagi yang kerajaan sudah lakukan untukmu

Wahai Melayu

Hanya satu kupinta darimu


Bangkitlah Melayu

Balaslah jasa kerajaan

Yang telah banyak berkorban untukmu

Bukan dengan undimu

Tetapi dengan kebangkitanmu

Wahai Melayu

Sudah banyak keistimewaan yang telah kau terima

Hak-hak istimewa


Tetapi kau masih lemah



Bangkitlah Melayu

Ubahlah pemikiran anda

Ku tidak mahu melihat Melayu diperlekehkan lagi

Ku tidak mahu melihat yang lain menganggap Melayu hanya boleh berjaya kerana kuota atau hak istimewa

Ku mahu melihat Melayu berjaya kerana usaha sendiri

Bangkitlah Melayu

Wahai anak Melayu yang menerima biasiswa yang sepatutnya diberikan kepada anak Cina dan India

Berusahalah untuk berubah

Untuk membuktikan kepada mereka yang kau memang boleh berjaya

Jangan kau hampakan kerajaan


Dan paling penting, diri sendiri

Berusahalah untuk menjadi bakal pemimpin negara

Dan paling penting, Melayu berjaya

Wahai pegawai kerajaan yang tidak sepatutnya ada

Jangan kau hampakan kerajaan

Dengan sesi teh tarikmu pada waktu kerja

Dengan melayari Facebook pada waktu kerja

Berkerjalah untuk negara

Dan paling penting, bangsa

Ku bukan supremacist atau racist mahupun chauvanist

Ku hanya mahu melihat bangsaku berjaya

Bangkitlah Melayu


vicious cycle

I think some people worry too much about me.

Is it because of my rash actions? What if my rash actions signifies a rebellion –  i.e. for you to stop being all over me the whole time?

Then, the cycle begins.

Rash actions creates a reason to worry, which creates further rash actions.

Who should stop – the worrying or the rash decisions?


“It reminded me of… and I didn’t want to be reminded of it.”

“It’s complicated.”

Enough of your bullshit.

Just shut up.


We don’t always react to a situation straight away – for some, it might take some time for things to sink in.

Maybe we can’t accept the fact. Maybe we can’t accept that our expectations or imaginations are too different from the reality. Maybe we find it easier to live in a comfortable lie than the painful truth.

We become delusional and defensive. No, you’re just overreacting. Too rigid. Too  tight. Loosen up.

How long do we need? One day? One week? One month? One year?


How do we do it? How do we accept the truth? Do we want to?

What were we doing all this while?

Too engulfed. Swallowed up.


Today, I realized.

After three years.