Everyone is human, but some are more human than others.

I do not support the feminist and sexual equality movements that are vehemently fought by some people.

I do not support their movements because of their selective struggle against the abuse of “human rights”.

They go all out to defend the rights of non-heterosexual couples and the empowerment of female, yet they remain silence when it comes to other blatant human rights abuses.

Conflicts that affect countless people, across gender, age, and ethnicity. Child abuses in Southeast Asian sweatshops and prostitution haven, attack on women in South Asian and MENA regions, the sectarian and inter-religion conflicts in Middle East that see countless child, men, and women killed, the modern-day slavery of uneducated Americans, who are overworked and underpaid, and the constant fear of criminal warlords in South America. I am pretty sure I have left out a few.

Sure, “tragedy is tragedy, one should not be placed above the other, nor should a past tragedy justify the next.” It would be wrong of me to dismiss the struggle women and non-heterosexuals face in a heterosexual, patriarchy world.

Sure, some might argue that they are crying in silence, not wanting to be labelled an attention whore.

But when the same person cries “sexist” for having a man appear first in an ad, I find it hard to believe that is the case.

Makes me wonder, are you fighting for human rights or just for yourself?

Melayu Islam vs. Islam Melayu

Melayu Islam mengidolakan orang yang pandai berbicara dengan janji-janji manis di atas pentas.

Islam Melayu mengidolakan orang yang berjanggut dan pandai berbahasa Arab.

post(link asal: https://www.facebook.com/ilazneb/posts/898281200188287)

Tulisan saudara Benz ini memberi saya inspirasi untuk mengetengahkan perasaan saya mengenai golongan Islam Melayu.

Tatkala mereka menyindir golongan Melayu Islam kerana terlalu feudal atau mementingkan adat, mereka lupa yang mereka hanyalah dua kali lima.

Golongan Islam Melayu ini selalu mengata golongan Melayu Islam sebagai dayus atau tidak warak agama. Kononnya terlalu sibuk dengan duniawi sehingga tidak mampu menjadi imam untuk rumahtangga sendiri. Kena harapkan imam masjid untuk segala majlis agama.

Namun, lupakah mereka, golongan Islam Melayu ini, yang selalu merendah-rendahkan golongan Melayu Islam apabila mereka hanya membaca surah-surah lazim ketika majlis doa selamat? Ataupun bila ayat-ayat al-Quran dibaca tidak semerdu syeikh-syeikh Arab?

Bila mereka panggil imam, kau panggil mereka lemah agama.

Tetapi bila mereka baca surah-surah lazim dengan nada yang kurang merdu, kau merendah-rendahkan mereka.

Tiadanya bezanya anda dengan saudara anda yang anda selalu merendah-rendahkan ini.